4 Quick Tips to Order a Custom Cake

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Custom Cake Ordering 101Everything you need to know about ordering Custom Cakes


1. Buttercream vs. Fondant

At Sinful Treats we prefer buttercream. Why? It tastes better and it’s not as expensive as fondant. We like to use fondant for decorating cakes instread of covering the whole cake with it. Doing it this way helps our customers stay within their budgets, and get the best of both worlds – a real cake that tastes amazing and looks great too!
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2. Designing Your Cake

The best thing about Custom Cakes is you can pick whatever design you want! Look for ideas on Pinterest or Google images. Send the inspiration photo to your Baker, and let them know what you want. Be specific on colors and decorations, but give your baker some freedom to express their creativity. Out of common courtesy, Bakers do not like duplicating another Baker’s design exactly. Avoid miscommunication by asking for a quote in writing, including specific details about your Custom Cake order.

5 Things to Tell Your Baker:
Size, Flavor, Design, Colors and Writing (on the cake).


3. Size and Pricing

Custom Cake prices depend on the size, and how elaborate and detailed your design is. The most popular size for a Custom Cake is an 8″ round, 3 layer cake, which is enough for 20-25 people. The averge price is $130-$185. Be prepared to pay more for tiered cakes, as those cakes require more skill to put together and decorate.

HERE’S A TIP: If you tell your Baker what you want and let them have creative freedom, you usually get a better price.

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4. Order Timeframe

Order as soon as possible! At least 3-5 weeks before your event. For Wedding Cakes, at least 6 months before is best. Why? Making Custom Cakes takes a lot of preparation. We are creating a cake design that we’ve never made before, making your own vision and imagination come to life! This process takes time. We also need enough time to order necessary supplies and decorations to make your cake. When things are done last minute, they usually cost more. So, you’ll be saving more money if you order ahead.
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